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Horizon Line & Sumo Deadlift

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There are many parts to being a good CrossFitter, but at the end of the day there are three that matter most: Mobility, Pushing Yourself, and Nutrition.

Mobility we work on daily, and lord knows we give you homework. But please consider taking it a step further by attending this seminar

The Movement Fix

October 10 – CrossFit 707 in Benicia

What is The Movement Fix Workshop?

This workshop is an 8-hour, action-packed workshop designed specifically for athletes and trainers.

Pushing Yourself we work on every time you set foot in the gym, but what about taking on a bigger competition? Mid October we host the Femme Royale event for the women. And on November 8, CrossFit San Ramon will host the Autumn Rookie Throwdown  for men and women alikeYou are eligible for this cool comp if you have never competed in an RX comp before. This looks to be fun, and a great way to test what you are made of.

Finally, the Nutrition piece probably makes the biggest difference! If you eat meat, then grass-fed is the way to go! Here is a great source for you:

Richards Grass Fed Beef comes from the Sierra Foothills northeast of Sacramento. For those of you that look at the world in terms of river drainages this farm is not far from the Yuba. This beef is reasonably priced and delicious!

Finally, train hard and please clean up after yourself!



Monday’s WOD

Sumo Deadlift

Add 5# to your previous working weight

Pimp Your Pulls

Grip Strength ala JC. Work odd angles, uneven, weird shapes, pinching, etc.

500 Meter Row

Improve your time from last week


AMRAP 8 Minutes

5 Burpees
10 Slam Ball (50/25)
15 V ups

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