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Movies, Apologies, Sumo Dead Lift & Love 'da Ball!

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Movie Night is This Friday!

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Join us in the gym at 7.30 to watch the new Rich Froning flick on the Big Screen. Bring a lawn chair, some poppy corn, and BYOB!


Our blog has been a MESS this week, and for that we apologize. Technical troubles got the best of us for a few days there. With a new “plug-in” in place we hope that all is repaired. Thanks to those that sent us texts and emails alerting us to trouble, and apologies to those that had to make extra effort just to find out what the real WOD would be.

As many of you know we work hard on the blog to provide relevant, entertaining and engaging content for the XFIT minded. Suggestions or ideas of what you’d like to see? Please send them our way to Too many steps to always see the blog? Subscribe here and view it in your inbox each morning at 5AM.


Thursday’s WOD

Sumo Deadlift

Add 5# to your previous working weight

Pimp Your Pulls

Bent Over Barbell Rows
Go lighter than you think and practice great form by starting with The Founder



Wall Ball (20/14) RX+ is red ball
Lunges with Ball Overhead (20/14)
Wall Ball Sit-ups

Hang on to the ball at ALL times. Every dropped ball = 5 burpees at end of WOD

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