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Sumo Dead Lift and the Gravity Line

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gravity lineHave you heard the term ” Gravity Line” in regards to your posture? There are many forces at work to pull your posture out of alignment and to screw up your day in myriad ways. “As gravity acts on all parts of the body, one’s entire weight can be considered as concentrated at a point where the gravitational pull on one side of the body is equal to the pull on the other side. This point is the body’s center of gravity, and it constitutes the exact center of body mass. When the center of gravity is above the base of support and the pull of gravity is successfully resisted by the supporting members, an equilibrium of forces or a state of balance is reached and no motion occurs.”¹ We talk about the proper stance a fair amount in class and it’s importance. It is particularly important that you think about your posture when doing deadlifts. We’ve done Sumo Deadlift before. We’re going to keep doing them too. Here’s a nice article about the difference between the two. Regardless of which deadlift style you prefer, it holds that along with strengthening the lower body, deadlifts help to emphasize proper posture by engaging muscles along the upper back. While both variations are important, lifters are going to find they are more comfortable with one than the other for heavy lifting. Use the other for an accessory lift to further strengthen the hip extension motion.



sumo deadlift gravity lineWednesday’s WOD

Sumo Deadlift

Add 5# to your previous working weight (linear progression)

Pimp Your Pulls

2-minute plank hold
Reach armpits to your waist the ENTIRE time


WOD – 5 Rounds (score is total number of reps)

1:00 10 meter Prowler Push (90/50)
1:00 Deadlifts (135/95)
1:00 Sit-Ups



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