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Cleans–Summer Travel

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Americas Weirdest Roadside Attractions American Summer

Are you getting out of town this Summer? Maybe your travels will take you by one of these fabulous sites? When travelling it’s important to keep your workouts in perspective. I don’t recommend just blowing everything to bits and doing absolutely nothing while on your vacation. But I do recommend taking it easy on your expectations and really keeping in mind that the very ACT of travelling can take its toll on you physically. Whether it’s sitting in a car, on a plane or at your extended family’s dinner table for hours at a time, take the time to at least unlock your shoulders, hips, and lumbar area every day. The lacrosse ball and bands travel well.

Of course if during your Summer travel you have need of getting a good workout in, I recommend the metcon portion of the workout below. You can get creative with the dumbell press by just grabbing some nearby rocks or hoisting your carry-on suitcase over your head. Get creative this summer and feel free to modify the workouts to what’s handy, but definitely try to get some sort of applied practice in. Trust me, re-entry can be rough.


Tuesday’s WOD

Hang Cleans (from top of knee)

Find a HEAVY set of 3 (near 3 RM) then perform 5 sets at that weight, resting ~1 minute between sets

WOD: 10 Minute AMRAP

8 Lateral Burpees (12″)
12 Dumbell Push Press (50/25)
16 Sit-ups

Push Up Program

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