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Strength Day

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You’ll notice that Zercher Squats appear in the workout on Wednesday. And you may ask yourself, what are these trainers doing to me! To give you a little background on what the Zurcher Squat is, read this from Westside Barbell:

Zercher squats are performed by setting a bar in the rack at about stomach height. Take the bar in the crooks of your elbows-use a towel or some padding- suck up a breath, push abs against your belt, step back and set up as if to do a squat. Squat down until the bar touches the tops of the thighs. Then stand up. Keep pushing knees out and butt back as in a box squat. Remember to try to keep as upright as possible and to keep the back tight, driving the head back and hips forward on the ascent. The bar will tend to pull you forward. These really work the abs, glutes, hams and BACK.

It teaches you exactly how to squat. It teaches you to push your knees apart. Push your chest up. Push your buttocks out. The whole nine yards.

To see what it actually looks like, check out this short Zurcher Squats Video.

Bring in a sweat shirt or long sleeved shirt so you can get the full benefit of the Zurcher!



Deadlift, find 1 rep max

Zurcher Squats: 30% of back squat weight, 3 sets of 10

Bent over rows, 8-8-8

As time allows:  Hip extensions, supermans, or as people are ready, GHRs

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