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Schedule Correction, Time Change + Cool Weather = CHILI TIME and Strength Day

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Schedule Correction

Due to Veterans’ Day Holiday Schedule Body Foundations for CrossFitters will NOT be offered on Monday, November 11. We will be offering 9 am and 10 am classes ONLY. Sorry for the confusion, folks!

Chili Time Recipe!

The time change and cooler weather these last few days (oh, yes, it was 38 degrees in the gym at 6 am on Monday morning!!!) has gotten me in the mood for one of my favorite Paleo Recipes – Pumpkin Chili from the folks at Yep, it’s CHILI TIME, folks!!

One of the things I like best about this recipe is how STUPID EASY it is to put together!! Also, it’s easy to buy twice the amount you need, and freeze or store the extra so you have it as an easy weeknight meal when you’re crunched for time.

I don’t always make the avocado cream, but it really does make the dish if you’re up for a little extra work. And I do also like to include their Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potato Fries with Chipotle Mayonnaise (make their Bacon Mayonnaise and add some chipotle peppers). Maybe not for every night, but once in a while it’s an AWESOME addition!

Don’t these photos just say it all?




Also, don’t forget that our Century Club is this Saturday, 11/9 at 6:30 (as in, the challenge starts at 6:30). Hope to see you there!!


Thursday’s Workout

Tempo Front Squats – 51X* – Work to 3 RM
Rest as needed

Push Press – Perform 3 Sets of Maximum Reps at 1 RM of Shoulder Press
Rest 60-90 seconds between sets

Anchored back extensions – 3 sets of 10-20 reps

Cash-Outs (as time allows):

1 minute Burpee Test-Out (for reps)
1 minute KB Swing (53/35) Test-Out (for reps)
1 minute Pull-Up Test-Out (for reps)

*Take 5 seconds (one one-thousand, two one-thousand, etc.) to reach the bottom of the squat, pause for 1 second, and stand up as fast and explosively as you can.

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