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Paleo, it works! Strength Day

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Seems we just can’t get enough of all this Paleo stuff, and now they are even talking about it on CBS news. This is a great piece, and even your non-believer friends will raise an eyebrow. Click this link to view.


Please also remember that tonight (Wednesday) is our Paleo Potluck, and all are welcome. Come to the 6PM class, and stay for the Potluck. Dr Ryan Lazarus will give a short talk on Paleo, on what the BIA means, and how to carry it forward as a lifestyle instead of a 45 day challenge.



Back Squat 3×5

Floor Press find 3rm, repeat 2 more times (for a total of 3×3)

Bent rows: 8-8-8

Back extensions 8-8-8

Comments: 1

  1. Great article and for the most part a good video report though have aspirations about the naughty but nice cheating mentality. Though this is perhaps what’s needed to attract the masses addicted to sugar, however when you understand what these so called foods are doing to you, you see them in a very different light. In addition sugar addiction is not like getting over alcohol, nicotine or illegal drug addiction, it’s short lived and when your free of the masking effects it has you.ll find the natural sources of sugar (fructose)in fruit are amazing and taste even better. Though just like all sugar especially juices you’ll need to be careful how much you have.

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