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A Follow Up to Monday's Post

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Call it the week of guest bloggers, Marina is back with a follow up to her Monday post:



When we’re little, our dietary allowances (or restrictions) most often come from our parents.  We don’t necessarily think about why we’re not allowed an unlimited supply of Halloween candy kept by our bedside, but in our minds it generally has something to do with mom or day being really mean!


Fast forward a bit…there comes a time in our young lives when- for better or worse- we discover why certain limitations just might be a good thing.  All you can eat fried food, topped off with an extra-large mountain dew before you go on the zipper at the fair- why not?!  I recall my first memory with this was after going to town on the cherry tree at my grandparent’s house.  Ohhhhh….they were SO GOOD- why stop?  Well, later that day I learned, although I’m not gonna lie, fresh cherries are still a major weakness of mine!


So why revisit our childhood food memories?  Well, for those of you on the paleo challenge (or those of you saying ‘oh hell no am I letting those evil crossfit trainers tell me what I can and can’t eat’)- you might be harkening back to a time when you’re making your choices because someone ‘says so’ and not really focusing on the why.  And I’m not saying you all have to geek out on paleo websites, or go gaga over the newest nutritional podcasts…but what I am asking you to do is OWN YOUR DECISIONS!  If you are trying this paleo thing out- instead of making it a power struggle between you and the coaches, take a moment to reframe your perspective and remember why you are doing this.  Are you hoping to drop a few pounds?  Do you have some pesky health issues that just haven’t gone away- despite trying everything the Doctor tells you?  Are you looking for an alternative lifestyle to the pharmaceutical world we live in?  Remind yourself of those benefits, instead of cursing Ryan’s name that he ‘made you’ try this (however, feel free if you wake up really sore in the morning after a going to one of his classes the night before!).  The same thing goes for the special occasions where you just need to have that chocolate…or that glass of wine (or 2…).  Gone are the days of needing permission, or tiptoeing through the kitchen to sneak you hand in the cookie jar.  Those scenarios tend to produce guilt, and after my last blog, I think you know how I feel about guilt.  YOU ARE AN ADULT (unless you are under 18, and reading this…) you can make your choices, and you can feel good about them.  The only thing standing in your way is you.

I realize this is a little tough love- but in reality, this is life.  I am a firm believer that the lens we use to view our world can vastly shape how we see it.  Before you go accusing me turning Pollyanna on you 1) I’m not! and 2)  What do you have to lose in taking ownership of your life, how you feel, and what you put in your body?


Front Squat: Find 1 rep max, reduce weight to 85% and complete a minimum of 5 reps

Press: Find 1rm, then push press 5 reps with the same weight.

As time allows:
Strict pull Ups 3x max reps
GHD Situps or toes to bar 3×10-15

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