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Who is Dr. Ryan Lazarus? Strength Day

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When I first moved to Napa six years ago I looked for a chiropractor who was also an athlete that could take care of my aging body. I found Dr. Lazarus, and was immediately impressed with his athletic background, and the fact that he handled his Type I diabetes with lifestyle change instead of constant dependance on insulin injections. Over the years he has become a nutritional and health resource for me, and I am continually amazed at his wealth of knowledge. For those of you new to Wine Country CrossFit you heard him briefly speak at the Paleo Challenge Kick Off Meeting last Tuesday night. Our Challenge format has changed thanks to him, and we now use the BIA to gauge winners instead of subjective pictures. You will learn more about him as the Challenge progresses. Sometime last year Mark Sisson posted a blog about Ryan, and I link to it here so you can learn more about his challenges and successes.



OH Squat 2-2-2-2-2

Clean Pulls 3-3-3-3-3

As time allows:
Pull Ups for max weight 5-5-5
mixed in with GHR (or back extensions) 3x 10

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