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Bovine Update!

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Alright guys, after toying around with, I think, 5 different farms, we are finally getting close to being able to put together the sacred cow order.  For the last couple of weeks, I have been in talks with a ranch out in west Sonoma who is willing and able to handle a larger order.  On top of that, I got lucky and they had a quarter that is going to be ready this week.  My plan is to pick up the finished quarter this week or early next for myself and let anyone who is interested try a bit out.

To find out more about the beef and the program, you can check out their website:

I’ll do my best to answer any questions that you might have above and beyond what you read on their site.  A few things up front:

1.  The beef is 100% grass fed and finished.  It is supplemented only with Alfalfa

2.  The beef, once slaughtered will be dry aged for about a month.  From what I understand, dry aging is the way to go.  It greatly intensifies and enhances the flavor.  (BTW, many cuts of dry aged beef I see at Whole Foods are going for $20+ per lb.)

3.  The Beef will be transferred to a butcher for you.  You may select your butcher or use theirs.  If you select to use theirs, I will gladly pick the beef up for the entire group (in Santa Rosa)

4.  The beef should be ready in the first week of September

5.  The beef is available in quarters.  If you would like a smaller amount, please feel free to put that together with another member(s).

6.  The farm will contact you directly about how you would like your beef butchered.  They will offer you options for roast vs. steaks, bones, etc.

If I have left anything out that is not on the website, please shoot me an email  I’ll let you know any time I have new information for you.



Wednesday’s WOD:

Front Squat 5-5-5-5

Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1

As time allows:

3 Sets for max reps of strict pull-Ups

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