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Stay Strong While On The Road

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We all have busy lives. But even when you are on the road we know you can move your body!

Hit the park for a jog and 50 burpees. Go to the hotel gym and do cartwheels on the treadmill.

Here’s a list of travel WODS that you can do anywhere, with no equipment. Enjoy!

For time:

50 Burpees
100 Air Squats
50 Burpees


10 Rounds for Time:

10 Situps
10 Burpees


“Super Legs”

3-5 Rounds, as fast as possible:
20 Air Squats
20 Alternating Lunges (20 total reps)
20 Alternating Split Squat Jumps (20 total reps) (Jumping lunges)*
10 Squat Jumps (Jump Squats)
*Be careful with these –watch your form and knees…you don’t have to touch your knee to the ground


“Long Cycle Burpee Madness”

50 rounds of:
1 squat
1 pushup
1 situp
1 superman
1 tuck jump


3 Rounds:

Run ½ Mile
50 Air Squats


Run for 10 minutes

stop EMOM to do 20 air squats



Situps x2