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Squatting and Spotting

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I’m on a roll talking about squatting this week!  While the rest of your coaches and I talk your ear off about squat technique, I think that one place we don’t place enough emphasis on is the topic of spotting.  It is vitally important as the bar starts to get heavy that you have a spotter to save you in case of failure.  Freddy Comacho of CrossFit One World is one of my CrossFit heroes (he’s one of the real OG CrossFitters) AND he has a great blog post all about spotting the back squat.  Check this out, watch all of the videos, and read it all of the way through.  It could save you or your lifting partner an injury!

Squatting and Spotting



Friday’s WOD:

Snatch grip Deadlift – find 5rm

Tabata Sprints
rest 1 minute
Tabata Situps (scale up to GHD) (only for firebreathers, this will tear you up!)

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