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4th of July, Penalties, Speed Squats & Sprints

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We will be CLOSED on the 4th of July. Enjoy your independence, and your Paleo feast!

And, here’s the bottom line: For every minute you arrive late to class you are penalized 10 burbees. One minute late, 10 burpees. 2 minutes late, 20 burpees, etc up to a total of 100 burpees. Coaches will not be bribed or black mailed into reducing the penalty. Arrive early, start warming up, work on your goals and weaknesses, and success will be yours.



Box squats:
12 sets of 2 on the minute.  (60-65% of 1rm, 80-85% or 5rm)  Move the bar as fast as possible.

8 Rounds:
Sprint to telephone pole
6 box jumps (30/24)
rest 30 seconds between rounds

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