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Social Club Calendar and Snatch Practice

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Social Club Calendar Updates and Reminders

  • Well, we did it! Veronica and I completed the DiabloMan Triathlon (photo below). It was an amazing day and we had a fantastic time climbing nearly 4300 feet in elevation! Who wants to join in on the next one??
  • The second week of the Paleo Challenge is down! I know that we’ve had some folks who’ve already experienced some serious changes in the way they feel and look! Keep up the great work everyone!
  • Weekend hikes sounded like a great idea, but no one has made any suggestions!!! How about let’s try this Wednesday at 5:30-6ish at Westwood or Alston Park?
  • Day 44 of the 100-Day Burpee Challenge is today.  990 Burpees done, 4060 left – almost 1/5 of the way through!! I’m becoming one with the burpee, personally, and have noticed that my push-ups have gotten a heck of a lot better in the last month and a half!
  • Next Thursday, October 31 everyone wears a costume. Only one more week to come up with an awesome costume!!! Or just buy a pair of devils horns and call it good!
  • Save the date!! Saturday, November 9 is the date for our next Century Club. Be sure to invite your friends and family to watch you make a complete fool of yourself!
  • Also in November there is the Napa Turkey Chase, a local 5 and 10K race organized by our friends at Athletic Feat.
  • We will have an altered schedule for Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving, which is yet TBD, but good to keep it in mind.




Tuesday’s Workout

Hang Power Snatch – Find 1 RM
Snatch Balance – Find 1 RM

WOD: 10 Minute AMRAP
10 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
100 M Run*

*Do push-ups outside so that you can go directly into the 100 M run from the last push-up

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