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Social Club Calendar and Endurance WOD

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Social Club Calendar Updates and Reminders

Don’t forget about the new Foundations Training Class at 4 pm on Mondays, and that we are no longer offering 10 am classes on Tuesday and Thursday.

  • The Dodgeball Tournament was a decent success! I think we should do this every few months or so!!
  • The first week of the Paleo Challenge is down! How are those of you who are participating feeling? And if you aren’t participating, have you noticed that those who are are a little grumpy?? ūüôā
  • I’ve heard some positive responses to getting a¬†big group together for a Weekend Hike,¬†but haven’t heard any dates yet. Anyone?¬†
  • Day 37 of the 100-Day Burpee Challenge¬†is today.¬† 703 Burpees done, 4347 left.¬†That’s WAAAAAAAY more than last week!
  • Veronica’s and my¬†Sprint Distance¬†DiabloMan Triathlon is on October 20th¬†– that’s THIS WEEKEND!¬†Veronica, do you want to just go shopping on that day instead and tell everyone we won?? ūüôā
  • The¬†Merrell Down & Dirty¬†will be in Sacramento the Sunday after next (10/27) out at Folsom Lake. What’s not to love about an¬†event¬†that involves running through obstacles and dirty, filthy mud??
  • Thursday, October 31¬†everyone wears a costume. That gives you plenty of time to make/order/steal/borrow a costume so that you won’t be hit with a FIFTY BURPEE PENALTY!!
  • Saturday, November 9 is the date for our next Century Club.¬†Yes, it will be in the middle of our Paleo Challenge. Just bring Tequila and watch the madness!!
  • Also in November there is the¬†Napa Turkey Chase, a local 5 and 10K race organized by our¬†friends at Athletic Feat.

Oh, and finally – DON’T SKIP RUNNING DAYS!!!!!



Tuesday’s Workout

POSE/Good Form Running Technique Review

WOD: Endurance Training
EMOM for 15 Minutes – Run or Row 100 m

Athlete’s Note: The goal here is to go as far as you can each time, but for that distance to be very consistent each round. Pace yourself accordingly to achieve this goal.

Comments: 2

  1. Food for thought for all the Paleo Challenge People…. I started Paleo 2 years ago during a paleo challenge. I consider myself “Paleo” with a fews cheats of cheese every now and then. But some unknown force took me over Sunday at the movie theatre and I decided I would have popcorn! That evening the abdominal pain began as the evil industrialized food made its way through my once pristine GUT! Misssed two days of work and trip to the doctor…! Lesson learned !

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