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Snatch Pulls Drop Sets

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Image result for snatch pull drop setsIn our Snatch Pull work today we are going to approach the training with a Drop Set technique.  Performing drop sets is a technique that consists of performing as many reps as possible with a specified weight and, immediately after, reducing the weight to enable doing a few more reps, until muscle failure. This means having practically no rest between sets. Drop sets have the benefit of fatiguing the muscles in a short period of time, using even the most stubborn fibres. Often, we can’t manage to utilize all the muscle fibres within the muscle group that is being targeted. Drop sets resolve that problem. No fibre is spared.¹ Use drop sets to challenge your muscles, but don’t neglect form. It’s easy to get sloppy as you transition to lighter weights. Maintain your focus until the very last repetition is done. To get the most benefits, don’t rest more than 5 seconds between each set. It’s a good plateau buster if you’ve reached a point where you’ve stopped seeing gains in lean body muscle mass. It can also give your muscles the “shock” they need to restart the growth process.²


Wednesday’s WOD

Snatch Pulls-Drop Sets

Build to a heavy set of 3
Drop set at 70% for 3×5


EMOM 12 minutes

2 Power Snatches from Position 2
12 Double Unders

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