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Snatch & Overhead WOD

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As we are in the center of Summer and some of you are either coming off of the Whole Life Challenge and are going to start the Advanced Challenge, I really want to encourage you to seek out quality food products. We truly live in a special part of the US where we have access to the freshest, best, and accessible organic foods that get shipped all over the world. It is not like anywhere else in the country to be able to feed ourselves this incredibly nutrient dense and special food, so go out there and find it! Here’s a Farmer’s Market reference list for the area, and talk to your butchers about how their meat is raised and processed–do not settle for CAFO raised meat products. You have to work a little harder to find it (although Whole Foods is doing a better job of stocking decent beef products), Chickens, Pigs and Lamb are harder to find and you need to ask the right questions about these excellent sources of protein. Tara Firma Farms is an excellent resource on how things can be done the right way. And don’t get me started on Eggs. Check this out to see what’s what (ALWAYS think Pasture Raised-everything else is just noise).


Balance, Coordination, Timing, Alignment, Speed, Stability, Mobility, Strength, Stamina, and Poise. You need ALL of these things in the Snatch work today. Then, you need it again in the additional overhead work in the squat and thruster portion of the WOD later on–especially that Poise element. Keeping calm and pulled together throughout all of that overhead work is what is going to get you through to the end successfully. Whatever you are lacking-you need to get on STAT before you start loading the bar. Notice today is not a 1RM day. Use the time today to get to a heavy weight that you can successfully combine all of those elements. Miss any of them, then you are at your Max Effort for the day. Great job!


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Beginners from Pos 1
Intermediate from Pos 2
Advanced from Pos 3
Build to a heavy single

WOD: 12-9-6

Power Snatch 135/95
Over head Squats 135/95
Thrusters 135/95

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