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Snatch Complex & Randy

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Coach Mike Burgener has been around the Olympic weightlifting world a looooong time. He runs Mike’s Gym and works closely with CrossFit HQ and runs some of the weightlifting seminars (similar to the mobility course we had here during the first part of the Summer) that they offer. If you have any designs on learning more or doing more with Olympic weightlifting, his site is a great place to start.

With today’s snatch complex work remember–“The snatch balance is (Coach Mike) Burgener’s No. 1 recommendation for CrossFitters hoping to improve their snatch.”-CrossFit Journal

Also keep in mind–“The goal of snatch balance is just to get it moving up a little bit and then pressing your body down.”- Mike Burgener in All Things Gym. In other words think about the bar path and how little it actually travels during the lift. Your body should be doing most of the moving-not the bar.

See for yourself:
















Drill, drill, drill–are you having PTSD from back in Jr. High/High School sports/band/just about any time during your adolescent life? That’s what today’s workout gives you the opportunity to do, remember what it was like back in those glory days. What a relief to set aside your “regular” life for a little bit and just do the same thing over and over again and get better and better with every attempt. Olympic lifting, while frustrating, can also be the most gratifying of exercises. Focus on the movement, let your coach give you corrections, correct the problem areas and let ‘er rip.


Wednesday’s WOD

1 snatch and 1 snatch balance = one rep

Complete 5 sets of 1 at 60% of your 1RM Snatch


RandyCrossFit Benchmark workout in honor of Randy Simmons

75 Power Snatch for time


Abs of Steel: Tabata Super Man Holds

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