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Talented Artists in our Midst, Snatch & 7×7

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CrossFitters Marissa Carlisle and Lorenzo Mills both have art displayed in downtown Napa, and both pieces of work are thought provoking and interesting. Lorenzo’s work can be found in a store front on the north side of First St between Coombs and Randolph, a few doors west of Wild Cats. His display is called “Jury of Peers” and more info about Lorenzo and his work can be found at I know Lorenzo as a retired pediatrician, and am delighted to see that he is also a very talented sculptor. Please stop by and see his work.

Marissa’s work is displayed right on the corner of First and School Streets, in front of City Hall. Unfortunately my picture of her creative and unique metal palm tree did not come through, so you have to go there and actually see it with your own eyes.

Stretch out those legs by getting out on First street and going for a stroll to check out their creativity. Accolades to both of them!



Snatch work

7 Rounds:
7 Power Snatches (95/65)
7 Box Jumps  (30/24)

Compare to 7/15/11, 4/27/11

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