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Sign Up For The Open

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It’s only a few days away! The entire CrossFit world embarks on an adventure that is felt from Africa to Asia, Europe and through the Americas. It’s called The Open, and we want you to sign up here.

Five workouts spread over five weeks. They are released on Thursday at 5PM, so come to the gym and watch the announcement! Each Friday through March we host Friday Night Lights where you get to pour your heart out!

Not sure what all this means? Don’t stress. Just sign up and join the fun. Inside WCCF we will have two teams competing for our own House Cup. There are lots of ways to win points for your team, and the first is by completing the Judges Course.

When you sign up on the CrossFit website you will pay $20. What you take away from the adventure will pale in comparison to what you paid. You will discover parts of yourself you didn’t know existed. You will dig deeper and work harder than you ever thought possible. From us, your coaches at WCCF, you will receive our Open T shirt that is particular to our gym. You will receive coaching, encouragement, and a kick in the butt if you need it! Sign up here. We promise you won’t be disappointed.