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Shelley’s Thanksgiving Strategies

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If you’re like me, Thanksgiving is an exercise in overeating! Every year I go in hungry and READY, and inevitably I over do it. I love the food, and the pies, and all the special things on the table.

This year I had a pre-Thanksgiving pow wow with Nutritionist Shelley Lewis, and here are the practical tips she presented:


* Eat normal and eat well for breakfast and lunch. 

* get out and move: workout and hikes are my favorite on the holiday 

* don’t graze, eat 3 meals

* focus first on greens, veggies & protein. They are filling and it’s harder to overdo. 

* choose between dessert or apps: choose one, not both. 

* bring a dish that is healthy but decadent. I make salads a little extra special with toasted nuts, fruit and homemade dressings. To me, they are the best 

* focus on gratitude, family, and connecting. This holiday is truly about that and food is just the bonus on top