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Secret Garden, Presses & Pushes

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Hey there Thespians and Theater Lovers, get ready for drama! Our very own Eva Wendel (Coach Hilary’s youngest child) has a BIG  role in The Secret Garden. Produced by our very own Lucky Penny Productions right here in Napa.

secret garden

We hope you can come for at least one performance of The Secret Garden, with Eva in the lead role of Mary Lennox. Coach Hilary has  been watching the rehearsals and the talent in this production is amazing- it is a tear jerker, so bring Kleenex.
This production is actually written for an adult audience  (the cast is all adults except for the roles of Mary and Colon)- but the show will be well understood and enjoyed by kids. Younger kids may not understand the complex themes, but they will certainly enjoy it as well! The musical is based on the 1911 classic, but the show version is more complex, with haunting themes and an incredible musical score. You will be moved- I guarantee it!
Eva shares the role with another talented little girl, and they alternate between being the lead and being in the ensemble. Below are the dates that Eva and her counterpart, Charlotte, will be taking the lead. We hope you can come see Eva as Mary – and bring the entire family, visitors, friends and spouses (that remark is specifically aimed at reluctant husbands!) We’d love to have many friends in the audience for Eva. 🙂 You won’t regret the time spent on this amazing show, and the money spent on supporting our local theater production company!
Tickets are on sale now here:
Preview 9/17/15: Charlotte K.
Perf #1: 9/18/15: Eva W.
Perf #2: 9/19/15: Charlotte K.
Perf #3: 9/20/15: Eva W.
Perf #4: 9/24/15: Eva W.
Perf #6: 9/25/15: Charlotte K.
Perf #7: 9/26/15: Eva W.
Perf #8: 9/27/15: Charlotte K.
Perf #9: 10/01/15: Eva W.
Perf #10: 10/02/15: Charlotte K.
Perf #11: 10/03/15: Eva W.
Perf #12: 10/04/15: Charlotte K.


Thursday’s WOD

Strict Press


Pimp Your Pulls:

Founder with Arms behind torso. 2 minute hold


15 min AMRAP

3 Push Press (20% lower than press weight)
5 Wall Walks
8 Jumping Lunges

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