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Strawberries and Strength Day

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With the outdoor entertaining season just around the bend, and me spending LOTS of time in my back yard getting it ready for said entertaining (stay tuned for an upcoming save-the-date for a party at my house), it’s a great idea to start stocking up on recipes to get one through the temptations that spring and summer bounty can bring. Also, last night I walked into Whole Foods and was immediately accosted by the smell of fresh strawberries – I couldn’t say “no!” And if you add the following recipe for Paleo Shortcake, it’s a sure-fire hit! But remember, even though it’s Paleo, it’s still a treat, and should be eaten as such (I have to remind myself of this, too!). Enjoy!


Click here for the recipe!




Tuesday’s WOD

Test Time!

Back Squat – Find 1rm (see 12/10/12, 11/30/12, 10/30/12)

Press – Find 1rm (See 12/10/12)

RDL – 8-8-8
3x Toes To Bar max effort

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