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More Yoga, Back Squats & fun WOD

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Howdy folks, Last week I attempted to present a survey on the blog about when and if you would come in for a yoga class. Being a Luddite, the survey only showed up on some people’s computers, and only worked here and there. So, if you DID NOT take the survey yet, please click on THIS LINK and let us know what you think about Yoga mixed in to our class schedule at Wine Country CrossFit.

Also, I was thinking of something more like this.


But, let me know if you think Irish yoga is more the speed your looking for instead…..



There will be a 4pm Open Gym/WOD makeup on Tuesday.  If you can’t make a regular class, come on down and join us!

Back Squats 3×5 (add 5lbs to last week)

4 Rounds:
5 Dumbell hang power cleans
10 Walking lunges
1 buddy drag from 1 side door to the other (rower door to office door outside)
1 reverse buddy drag back


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