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Re:Think Ice Cream

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I have a sweet tooth.  Back in the day a penny would buy a Jolly Rancher or a Tootsie Roll. We would scour the couch for loose change and run to the corner store to fill up. When I got older penny candies weren’t enough so I graduated to entire pecan pies, Snickers Bars and packages of Starbursts and Skittles. Once I started kayaking as a young teenager ice cream seemed like the biggest prize of all.

12 years ago when I first sampled the Paleo Lifestyle in order to lose the last 20 pounds of baby weight sugar was hard to give up. But I cut the addiction and lost the weight. Nine years ago I was sidelined by an auto-immune disorder and I again cut the crack. Now I live an 85% Paleo Lifestyle. But I still crave sugar. I no longer eat desserts, but I can salivate over a piece of pie a la mode with the best of ’em!

Last week I learned that it’s possible to have your cake and eat it too. Or, well, at least the ice cream part! I attended an Ice Cream Social for a new healthy brand of ice cream called Re:Think Ice Cream created in the Napa Valley.

The invitation came from Dr. Ryan Lazarus who is both a type I diabetic and the smartest guy in the room. Dr. Lazarus is promoting ice cream !?!  There must be something special going on.

The story of this ice cream begins with the Re:Think founder’s personal journey through addiction and into Recovery. In Recovery, he had to rethink his life and everything he consumed. He always loved “real” ice cream, but did not like the effect it had on his body. That’s why he developed a health-conscious, lifestyle ice cream that is low in sugar, lower in calories, low-glycemic, high in protein, and packed with anti-inflammatory goodness. This is REAL ice cream that tastes delicious, rich and creamy, yet is responsible to your wellbeing.

As a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Ryan Lazarus MSc, CNS, IFMCP, DC is looking for healthy options for his patients. “Re:Think ice cream is the perfect marriage of delicious ice cream and quality ingredients. Other ice cream brands use sweeteners that often cause GI issues and focus on calories rather than quality ingredients. Compared to the other ice cream brands, Re:Think is real ice cream, low in sugar, low glycemic, provides polyphenols and promotes healthy gut flora. This ideal combination provides the peace of mind when enjoying this unique and great tasting ice cream.”

Both Dr. Lazarus and I ate ice cream at the event. The flavors are amazing, and I even felt good afterwards. Due to the auto-immune disorder this is almost unheard of for me now with any sweets at all.

I am so excited about ReThink Ice Cream that I invited them to Wine Country CrossFit to do a tasting. Mark your calendar for September 10. The Re:Think people will be at the gym from 3.00PM until 7PM, and you will get to sample all of their amazing flavors! Should your desire to try this healthy and protein rich ice cream surpass you ability to wait a week you may purchase them at the following stores here in Napa – Raley’s, Nob Hill, Ranch Market, Brown’s Valley.

See you next Monday at the gym for the Ice Cream tasting that starts at 3PM!