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Relieve Wrist & Elbow Pain

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We see a lot of people who think they have to stop working out when their body parts start to talk. Sometimes you don’t have to stop all the way when things start to hurt. We believe it’s important to listen to the body! Is it sharp stabbing pain? Is it a dull ache? Or maybe it’s something in between.

The first line of defense when something hurts in the body is mobility. Wine Country CrossFit now offers a new Mobility Class on Tuesdays at 4:00PM, which is a great way to learn new tools for loosening up tight muscles. We also practice mobilizing in almost every CrossFit class. And, when you have a particularly tight spot it might be time for a private session with one of our MobilityWOD Specialist trained coaches.

Check out what a small amount of mobility work did for Michele when the pain started creeping up her arm: