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Hydration, Recovery, Speed Deadlifts & Metcon

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water does a body good

It needs to be addressed.  Nutritional Recovery, including HYDRATION is crucial to your fitness endeavors.  Drink Water.  TONS of it.  Think at least .5oz water per lb. of body weight.  Get the right recovery protocol for after your workouts in place–we need sugar (just about the ONLY time sugar is appropriate in our diets when our bodies can actually use it for good and not evil), magnesium, sodium, and an easily digestible high quality protein (think along the lines of whey protein isolate).  There are many such concoctions out on the market today.

It’s not just me that’s saying this

importance of protein

role of magnesium



Friday’s WOD


Speed Deadlifts – work up to a weight at which you can perform 10 with speed and control, then perform 10 every minute on the minute for 7 minutes

WOD – 4 Rounds
8 Toes to Bar
16 Lateral Jumps
20 Sit-ups

Optional Cash-Out – 7 minute AMRAP of Inverted Burpees*

*The Inverted Burpee: starting supine, kip (or sit-up and roll) to standing, kick-up to handstand. This burpee derivative involves similar amounts of work and greater skill than the traditional burpee.

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