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Reebok Affiliate Page Is Live

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reebok affiliate page

Reebok Affiliate Page

We are excited to announce that our Reebok page is live, which means you can shop right here! Did you see those cool shoes with the American flag, or the rad surfer shorts? They are also right here! And did you see the new banner on our home page? I want to be like that guy!

Peruse our Reebok Affiliate Page and support your home CrossFit box. We are excited to be the only Reebok Affiliate in Napa, and stay posted for special offers and discounts.



Why Olympic Lift?

We see the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch show up a lot in our classes. They are challenging movements that require tremendous attention to detail. They reveal our weaknesses, our lack or mobility, and maybe even our areas of fear. So why work on them?!? Because they pay big dividends.

When we squat, deadlift or press we target our strength, agility, power, coordination, and on some days our conditioning. But when we practice the Oly lifts we¬†get all of that and improvements in accuracy, balance, speed and stamina, not to mention power and flexibility. So we keep at it, even when it’s challenging, cuz it’s good for us and the hard work pays off.

In the CrossFit world, we see lots of dramatic images of crazy strong people lifting heavy weights, and it’s easy to think that Oly lifting isn’t for me because I’m not like that! But the benefits of Oly lifting are for everyone, and that is why we are encouraging you to sign up for the Outlaw Barbell Seminar we will host on April 30 & May 1. Will you improve your lifts? Yes. Will you get new PR’s? Yes. Will you have fun? Yes! But most importantly you will get see an improvement in all those components of fitness. That is what keeps us young, and that is where the juice is. So sign up now!

reebok affiliate page outlaw way barbell