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Recovery Tools

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Recovery is one of the most important pieces of the workout program. We all love to work hard and lift heavy.  But what do you know about recovery, and what steps do you take that enhance your readiness for tomorrow?

The obvious ones are to drink plenty of water, eat well and get lots of rest. Mobility plays a big role in helping the body recover, and we practice that daily in the gym

But there are host of other tools that help. Since The Open is on the horizon, we want you to try some of these. Let us know which recovery tools pay the biggest dividends for you.


Get yourself inside the Cryo Chamber for three minutes and experience the magic for yourself! It will reduce ALL your aches and pains. You can count on increased vitality, decreased moodiness and depression, and less pain.  I used Cryotherapy extensively post knee replacement with tremendous results. Once the chronic pain was over I forgot about it. But recently I tried it again when I tweaked my back, and it was a game changer. Try it right here in Napa at CryoAid on Trancas St. across from The Queen Of The Valley Hospital. Grab one of our $25 coupons from the office to try it on the cheap!

Compression Therapy

Sit yourself down and put on the compression sleeves. It works for legs, arms, hips and shoulders. Allow at least 20 minutes to relax while the compression works its magic. I think you’ll love it, and it’s also available at CryoAid on Trancas.


What?!? That’s right. These little jobbers stick right on the tight muscles and stimulate blood flow. These suckers work! Which means they relieve pain, reduce inflammation and aid recovery. I used them at a seminar for a few hours earlier in the month. They made my tweaked back feel SOOOO good that I ordered a set on the spot. You can try mine in the gym, later in October, when I return from my holiday! Or you can check them out here. I now swear by them and I’m carrying them on the plane for international travel.


Sauna and Hot/Cold Therapy have long been known to remove toxins and reduce inflammation. Now we have the Infra-Red Sauna which does all that and more. Learn more about the specifics here. Best part, they also offer Infra-Red sessions at CryoAid on Trancas.


This device is another tool for stimulating blood flow and reducing inflammation. It is a heavier, more industrial tool than the MyoPux, and anyone who uses it will have increased recovery. You can also test drive mine in the gym during The Open.

Last but not least there is the roller and the lacrosse ball! Get those tight muscles loosened up. I promise that you being pro-active will pay dividends.

In short, do whatever it takes to get your body on the road to recovery with these active tools. Let us know which ones work best for you.