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Push Press & Push Jerk Complex

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Push press split jerk complexFriday Night Lights is this week! Sign up now to attend our first in-house competition. Please arrive at 6PM to warm up and we will start the first heats at 6.30. This week it will be a Team WOD, and the movements we are rumored to see are Thrusters, Pull-ups, Cleans, Deadlifts and HSPU! Sound like a doozy? Don’t worry as you get to split the workload with your partner. This event is designed to be FUN, so BYOB, bring your kids, and rest assured there will be scaled versions for ALL classes, including Women, Masters and Teens.



Tickets to the CrossFit Games.

As an affiliate in good standing, we have early access to Games Tickets. Please email us by 10AM on Friday morning to let us know if you would like to get in on some of those awesome, arranged-seating tix.



Eat Your Veggies!complex hudson ranch CSA

Hudson Ranch has my favorite CSA in Napa. Every Thursday when I fetch my box from the Oxbow it’s like Christmas. Always bountiful and yummy, their delivery season starts TODAY! Sign up here so make sure you get your quota of veggies.





Final Weekend For 8×10

complex lucky penny production

Lucky Penny has done it again! This collection of short plays will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will make you remember what it’s like to be human in the depth of your soul. At the end of the evening, you even get to vote on which play is the best, and I know there is no shortage of opinion amongst us…. Get your tickets here.





Are you an Average Joe!? Well we bet you can bettter than that if you attend the Average Joe’s Competition at CrossFit Diablo on June 20. Join Coach Hilary for this great day of CrossFit fun down in Pleasant Hill. This event runs from 8AM to 3PM, and looks like it will sell out fast. So put average behind you and sign up now!



Thursday’s WOD

1 Push Press/ 1 Push Jerk/ 1 Split Jerk

* Work up to a heavy complex *

5 Rounds for Time:
6 Push Jerk (105/155)
12 Deadlift (105/155)
18 Double Unders

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