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Pilates with Tami, Push Press & Hammer WOD

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Tami Mostert is the stud CrossFitter who easily kicks above her head, just mastered the kipping pull-up, and is also a Certified Pilates Trainer. She has a holiday special going that is a hot deal: Buy two private sessions with her, and receive the 3rd session for FREE. $120 for $180 value. I know that I regularly say that Pilates is great, but it just isn’t hard enough, so why am I promoting it here!? Cuz we believe that anything that gets people moving is valid, you might know people who can benefit from this, and we support Tami! To take advantage of this hot offer please call Tami directly at 214-803-7765.



Push Press 3-3-3-3

3 rounds:
10 Hammer strikes per hand
5 dumbell hang squat cleans (50s/25s)
5 slamball burpees
Sprint to yellow line and back

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