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Pulling & Whole Life Challenge WOD

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Tuesday’s WODsupinated pullups Whole Life Challenge WOD

Pulling Practice
Weighted Supinated Pull-ups
As heavy as you can go.

There are many different ways we use pulling strength in our workouts.  We do ring pulls, we do bent over rows, we do sumo deadlift high pulls. We do pull-ups. Lots and lots of variations of pull-ups: kipping, butterfly, jumping, strict, weighted. Today we are going to work on the supinated grip pull-up (chin-up for some of you). In addition to working your lats and back and biceps, chin-ups use shoulder extension, where the elbows come down and back from the front and your shoulders are externally rotated vs. the pronated grip which is one of the few times your body is good with an internally rotated shoulder.

Many times, the chin-up is the first strict (body weight) pull-up many of us achieve.  If you’ve been using bands and other methods of modification try to let go of the assist–go for it today. You might surprise yourself.

Also this: (especially for the 2nd half of the Official Whole Life Challenge WOD) [responsive_youtube norel]
video courtesy of MWOD



In 15 minutes:
Run 400 meters
In the time remaining, complete as much of the following list as you can:
30 Air Squats
30 Sit Ups
30 Plank Ups
40 Lunges
40 Jumping Pull ups
40 Push Ups
50 Squat Jumps
50 Kettlebell Swings (44/26)
50 Mountain Climbers
100 Burpees
Your score is the total number of reps you complete.

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