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Pull-ups: Make A Pledge!

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Pull-ups: Make A Pledge!

Pull-ups: Make A Pledge!In the Fire Recovery Fundraiser WOD this Saturday there will be 42 strict pull-ups. In the middle of the room there will be a big jar. We ask that you pledge a dollar amount you can afford, and that you complete that many pull-ups.

Can’t even do one pull-up? Don’t stress as ANY pulling movement will suffice. Ring rows qualify. Pulling yourself from prone to standing with the rope works. Even pulling the front door open will suffice!

There is something for everyone in this fundraiser WOD. Tell your friends. Bring the kids. It’s all good.

Mayor Jill will kick off the gathering on Saturday at 9AM. See you there!

PS Proceeds benefit the most vulnerable affected by the fires in Napa CO.