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Shoes, Pull-Ups, Dips & Sprints

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We do a LOT of talk around these parts about shoes. We want all of YOU to be in shoes that don’t rock you onto your toes. We want you to be essentially in flat shoes. Some people have even accused me of harassing them about their shoe choices, if you can believe that!

Here’s my word of caution when you change shoes: TAKE BABY STEPS.

If you are already a runner, then start by wearing the shoes around your house for an hour. Once your feet and calves get used to their new digs, you can try some pose running down the block and back. If you are not a runner, still increase your body’s exposure to the new shoes incrementally.

I used to be a runner. I know you can’t tell now because I complain so much whenever there’s running in the WOD, but I was a decent middle distance athlete. All that time on the feet, and I learned a few things. Anytime I changed ANYTHING about my shoes, I would pay for it with injury. I learned the hard way that we have to take baby steps.

So, please go to school on me. Get those new flat shoes, and take baby steps in ’em!




5xmax reps strict Pull Ups followed directly by max reps ring dips.  If over 10, add weight

15 x 40m (corner to light post) sprints on 30 sec. intervals

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