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Protect Those Hands With Callus Maintenance

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We do a LOT of pulling in CrossFit, and it can be tough on the hands. All it takes is two or three days of hanging bar work and then my calluses are screaming at me!

In order to NOT rip the hands we want a smooth and consistent toughness to the palm. Giant ridges and valleys are the enemy! When the calluses get big and lumpy they are primed to rip, and then you are out of commission for at least a week while they heal.

Avoid ripped hands by performing regular callus maintenance. Do that by shaving down those ridges to get the smooth surface.

Some folks like to use a pumice stone, but I prefer the single blade razor. It’s absolutely critical that you use the single blade version as the double and triple blade razors will cut your hand!¬†Use the cheap disposable ones sold by the bag rule here. You know what I’m talking about?

Once I’m done in the shower with all my bathing and shampooing activities my callus are now soft. Grab that single blade razor and gently start to work away on that geological formation on your hand. Try different angles, and regularly remove the skin from the razor blade so it can keep doing its job. Once you have a smooth surface you’re done!

Smooth hands are happy hands. Try it out!