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President's Day Schedule

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President’s Day Schedule

President's Day Schedule









In honor of all of the Presidents of the United States we will have an amended class schedule on Monday February 20. This day of acknowledgement and celebration was originally for George Washington. His birthday is February 22. But now we celebrate all of them.

President’s Day Class Schedule

7:00AM Boot Camp

9:00AM CrossFit

4:30PM CrossFit



The Open

President's Day ScheduleIt’s happening this week! The first WOD will be announced on Thursday at 5PM. The FUN will start then. We will have our own in-house Head-to-Head at 5.30PM every Thursday. We will also set up the heats for Friday Nite Lights. That means you can get your heat time nailed down on Thursday evening. You have all day Friday to plan your strategy so that you can do your best on Friday night. Don’t stress if you can’t make it on Friday. We will have coaches at the gym on Saturday and Sunday so you can get it done! Sign up here. Do it NOW! You won’t regret it. You will learn a lot. About yourself. About your athleticism. About your emotional fortitude. The Open is a treasure trove of experience. Don’t miss it!

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