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Pregnancy and CrossFit

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People often think that CrossFit and pregnancy can’t go together, but in the last 10 years we have had many pregnant athletes working out in our gym, and they had only good things to report.

Dr. Mary Cooke did CrossFit three days a week during her pregnancy, and she felt strong and supple throughout. During her first pregnancy, in her pre-CrossFit life, she had to lay on the coach and rest by the time she got home from work. This time round she had the energy to play with her 3 year old son and go on hikes.  She set the goal of being active throughout, and it paid off in her health, vitality and attitude.

On Aug 1st, 2013 she appeared on the front of Marketplace Magazine, emphasizing her entrepreneurial spirit and service to community. As the tooth fairy she gives presentations to young school age children, encouraging good dental hygiene from the start.

For me Mary is a model of how we don’t have to choose between business, work, family and health. If we take care of our health we can enjoy it all!