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Pledge For Pull-Ups: Fire Recovery Fundraiser

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Pledge For Pull-Ups: Fire Recovery Fundraiser

We are doing it on Saturday morning at 9AM and EVERYONE is welcome! That includes members, friends, kids, family, neighbors, Boot Campers, Aerialists and CrossFitters.

We will host a group WOD at 9AM. In said WOD there are a total of 42 strict pull-ups, along with some other movements. Don’t worry if you can’t do pull-ups as we will have alternatives ready! There will be a jar in the middle of the room and we ask that you pledge 42 of the denomination you can afford.

Should you have 42 $20 dollar bills, then bring ’em on in! Maybe you can afford 42 $5 dollar bills. Perhaps you can manage 42 quarters. Whatever the amount, we welcome your pledge!

The proceeds will go to the most vulnerable in our valley who have been impacted by the fire. Puertas Abiertas will make sure the funds and resources make it into the right hands.

Please share this post so we are set to make the biggest difference possible during this critical fire recovery period.

Mayor Jill will kick off our fundraiser at 9AM, and we can’t wait to see you!

Please note that we will have only one CrossFit Class on Saturday, at 9AM.