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Pausing Back Squats & EMOM-Supplements

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Image result for dietary supplementsAre you using supplements in your diet such as protein powders, fish oil, vitamin D,  etc.?  There’s a lot of information out there on how-what-why you should or should not take dietary supplements.  In case you are taking them, however, I’ve come across a handy reference guide that ranks the different brands out there.  Check it out. If you are taking supplements it would be nice to know that what you think you are buying is actually what you are getting.  You’d be surprised to learn that some of the supplements you are buying may or may not be the best value or have the most effective compounds.  If you are interested in checking out probiotics–which you should be–check out this article (it’s from the “magazine” section of the Labdoor site).

whole life challenge supplementsThis research on your part will dovetail nicely if you are considering joining us on the Whole Life Challenge. Be sure to sign up here so you can be on our team.  It seems to really make a difference when you are held accountable for your choices and you can take motivation and maybe a little relief from seeing how your fellow members are doing on their journey.  In the grand scheme of things, 8 weeks really is not that long to take a break from your poor dietary choices.  Give yourself a break and treat yourself well.  The challenge starts on May 2 and I can’t think of a better time to get in on this.  SUMMER IS COMING.


Friday’s WOD

Pausing Back Squats
Start at 65% of 1RM
Hold at bottom under tension for count of ‘3 Mississippi’. No bounce to come up.

EMOM Until Failure (Death By):
Squat/KB Swings (2 pood/1.5 pood) (72/53)- 1/1/, 2/2, 3/3…

Cash Out: Superset
20 Pull up Challenge
Deep Couch Stretch

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