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Paleo Challenge Planned, Open Gym, Pistols & Dumbbell Presses

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The next FUN Paleo Challenge is on the calendar. The Whole Life Challenge will begin on September 19 and run for eight weeks. Early bird sign-up lasts through September 5th, so save some moolah and sign up now! We will have the Wine Country CrossFit Team link soon, but in the meantime sign on up and you can join our team when the links are live.


Open Gym will now be consistent on Sunday mornings with our power intern Cyrus Freeberg at the helm. The Open Gym Hours on Sunday morning are 9.30-11.30AM.


Thursday’s WOD

Pistol Practice

Get solid and organized. Drop your butt to your heel and stand back up. If you can’t do that then work the progression on both sides. If you have pistols in your skill set then add weight.


Complete 5 rounds for time of:

7 Pistols (R)
7 1-Arm DB Presses (R) (50/30)
7 Pistols (L)
7 1-Arm DB Presses (L)

Abs of Steel

Tabata Hollow Holds

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