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Overhead Squats and Mindful Eating

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mindful eating

This past week’s WLC lifestyle challenge may have been a doozy for you. “Electronics Free” eating. In this day and age of accessibility to technology and uninterrupted access to all sorts of communication we often fall into the habit of needing to be entertained while we eat. That, or being convinced that we can’t step off of the track for a minute in case we miss something or whatever we are working on HAS to get finished ASAP–sitting in front of your computer mindlessly snacking on food because you have to get your work done and there’s just so much to do. Or, it might seem innocuous, a phone call in the middle of a meal, checking in on your social networks or even just sitting in front of the television after a long day and eating your dinner “in peace.”

The problem is, eating while distracted most often leads to overeating in general. Here’s a great article about the art of mindful eating. And another more recent article on how to practice mindful eating. It’s important to stay connected to the here and now. Would you ever attempt a CF workout while checking your phone for messages or try to check your Facebook feed while lifting? Apply the same concentration you do to your workouts to your meals and you will find yourself sated faster without all the cravings for sugar taking up space in your daily diet.


Friday’s WOD

Overhead Squats


Pimp Your Pulls

Dumbell Rows (50#/25#) 10-10-10-10 (10 each arm) super set with KB Skull Crushers (53#/35#) 8-8-8-8.


Overhead Squats (105/75)
Pull ups
Box Jumps (30/24)

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