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The Open's Over, Let's Prep for the Next

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Prep for the Next Open in 2017

Congratulations to everyone who participated and completed the 2016 Open! We had so much fun watching all of you bust your butts every week, push your limitations, and achieve your goals. A huge thank you to all the supporters who showed up to cheer our athletes on, as well. There’s no better feeling than having friends and family surround you, cheer you on, and encourage you to do great things–and we’re so glad we were there to witness it. On to prep for the next Open in 2017.

For any of you who may have felt intimidated, fearful, or just not “good” enough to participate this year, let us be the first to say that you’re not alone in that feeling–but you couldn’t be more wrong! No matter what your athletic level is, you are worthy, and you are competent of more than you can imagine. The Open is about so much more than completing the workouts each week; it’s about finding strength you never knew you had. Jared Goldman, a first time Open participant, gave us great insight to his experience when asked what his favorite part of the Open was. “The open workouts at the gym were loads of fun. There was amazing energy and support, and I pushed much harder than I thought I could. I was also blown away by the heart and effort of the other athletes in the gym. Watching them was inspiring!”

In the words of CrossFit and that stick figure meme that blew up the internet for a week:

IMG_3366prep for the next

Be like Jared, because we’re here to help you succeed and cheer you on each step of the way.

That being said, let’s start prepping for the next Open right now. You might have noticed our programming has intensified over the past couple of months and will continue to do so–that’s on purpose. The purpose is to re-energize our athletes, prepare for the numerous PRs and individual goals ahead, and help create an atmosphere that encourages you to set and exceed your own expectations. So, let’s get ready to work hard, have fun, and kick the 2017 Open in the teeth.



Wodify Update

Wodify is up and running in the gym for your wod and performance tracking. If you have not done so yet we ask that you download the Ap from the Ap Store and log your wods each day! This is a fun way to both keep track of your progress, and also encourage your friends in the gym. On May 1st we will start to use Wodify to both run the gym and track wods, but until then we ask that you continue to check in on Front Desk on the iPad at the door. We apologize for this extra step, and we thank you in advance for your patience while we make this transition.

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