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One Rep Max Week

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Ya’ll have been working HARD in the gym! We have been on a three month program. On Mondays we back squat. Tuesdays we snatch. Wednesdays we bench press. Thursdays we Clean and Jerk. Fridays we met con. The rep schemes have declined. The accessory work has increased. The weights have gone up. Now we get to test it out and see what we can handle.

Starting on Monday we will do a one rep max of the back squat. Tuesday we will max on the snatch. You get the picture.

The goal is to be a primed and ready as possible for each lift. That means REST is king! I don’t mean lay on the couch and do nothing. I mean move around. Play with the kids. Mow the lawn. But don’t run a marathon and climb Mount Everest prior to testing those maxes! Show up all week hydrated and well rested, and let’s see what you’ve got in the tank. We are excited to see your gains.