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OH Squat & AMRAP & Slow Food

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slow foodEver think, “Hmmm, how can I learn more about food, food politics, and what’s going on in my specific area with food (other than catching this blog on Fridays?)” Slow Food USA has a robust website and Facebook page with all sorts of great information that’s going on locally, nationally, and globally. There is even a local Napa chapter that hosts events from time to time and if you are really motivated you might think about joining them in bringing more local events to our area. Staying involved and educated about and with your community of food is probably the number one way to make sure you are taking care of yourself the best way you can.

Speaking of food education, there is a terrific event on August 27 hosted by Slow Food USA that you can participate in for free and you don’t even have to leave the house. It’s the final part of a series that has been going on the past few weeks about good, clean, and fair meat:

August 27 at 4:00pm EST: “What’s in a Label?”

During our final discussion, experts will help you navigate the rhetoric of meat labels. In this talk, moderated by Angela Huffman, the Market Development Coordinator at The Humane Society of the United States, speakers:

  • Carrie Balkcom, American Grassfed Association
  • Andrew deCoriolis, Farm Forward
  • Urvashi Rangan, Consumer Reports
  • James Robinson, RAFI

will help you separate the labels that are truly meaningful from those that are just empty words.

Join “What’s in a Label?” using this link:

You can also dial in using your phone. United States +1 (657) 220-3412 with Access Code: 126-215-429

CHECK IT OUT if you are near a phone or computer at 1 pm our time…


Friday’s WOD

Overhead Squat: 3×3

10 count down, 2 count hold at bottom. Position and mobility focus here. Use partner for counting and choose weight accordingly!

Abs of Steel: Side plank with rock the baby/elbow to ground. 3 x 15


AMRAP 10 min

2, 4, 6, 8..
Overhead Squats (95/65)
Box Jumps (24/20)


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