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Night Mud Run!

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A cool 5K is on the horizon in Sacramento and I think a group of us should go. October 29 Merrell is putting on the Down & Dirty, and it’s at night! It includes:

  • Cargo Climbs, Marine Hurdles,and more full-body strength challenges
  • Water Crossings
  • Post-Race Food, Music and an Awesome Merrell Tech Tee
  • Race alongside local Military personnel, Public Safety Officers and Police Academy trainees.

Since we have our very own Public Safety Officers who train with us I think we should put them at the front of our group!

More info is available  HERE and in the gym.



Thursday’s WOD

Front Squat – Find 5RM

Jerk – Find 1RM

As time allows – Walking lunge with bar on back 10-10-10 (5/ leg)

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