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New WCCF Vending Machine

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We are so pumped to have a new CrossFit vending machine in our gym! Gone are the typical packaged donuts and sodas from a Coke machine. In are all the healthy and nutritious snacks and drinks we crave daily.

Ran to the gym without your coffee today? We now have Blue Bottle Cold Brew Coffee for you! Forgot your grips and don’t want to rip during Fran? Try out the Wod Rip Stopper to protect your hands. Gym tape. Snacks. Drinks. It’s all there!

Purchases are easily made by credit card and Apple Pay. Slide your card through the reader and then choose your items. With Apple Pay just place your phone next to the scanning light and then choose what you want. We love how simple it is, and we hope you do too.

Let us know if you like how it’s stocked, and if you have any requests. As usual, thank you for all of your support!