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More New Things to Try and Hand Stand Work

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Reminder!! Next THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31 we are DRESSING UP IN COSTUME for the WOD!! It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated, just do something fun!! The WOD is also Halloween-Related – FUN!!! Hope to see you there in costume!

Anyway, back to business!!

As you may have seen on Tuesday’s Blog, Veronica King and I successfully finished the DiabloMan Triathlon last weekend. It definitely qualified as “new things to try” for Veronica, and she did amazing!! In fact, over the last couple of months, many of you have participated in some kind of athletic event – be it a trail run, a 10K, a mud run or a color run. And from what I’ve heard, everyone had a really fantastic time!

So, my proposal is that we as a group look ahead to the new year and pick a few events to team up for and participate in. Signing up as a team doesn’t necessarily mean you have to run/walk/ride/swim/crawl as a team, but it definitely helps to keep you accountable when you someone else is relying on you for support!


What we as your WCCF Coaches will then do is to program work for you to do outside of your regular CrossFit schedule to ensure that you are in tip-top-condition for whatever event we decide as a group to participate in!

Ideally, I’d like to find something to do every 2-3 months. Maybe a running event with a couple of distance options would be a good starting point – for sometime in March perhaps? And then, once we’ve successfully seen one event through from start to finish, we can look at another – maybe a sprint-distance and/or olympic distance triathlon. is a great source for events, as is Coastal Trail Runs. Check out the websites and get back to me!

If this sounds like it’s right up your ally, then comment below or on Facebook, or email me ( and I’ll make sure you’re part of the planning committee!



Thursday’s Workout

Hand Stand Work – 20 minutes to work on:
-Wall Walks (or box walks)
-Shoulder Taps (against wall or against box)
-Hand-stand holds (chest-facing on wall OR off of boxes only)
-Hand Stand Push-Up

WOD: 3 Rounds, for Calories and Reps

1 Minute Maximum Effort Row
1 Minute Maximum Effort Hand-Stand Hold
1 Minute Maximum Effort Strict Pull-ups (no kipping!!)

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