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New Sign-In Kiosk

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We are please to have a second station in the gym to sign-in to classes!

Please always use one or the other to log your attendance in the gym. Your logging in really helps us do our job.

And it’s easy! Just use your email or phone number to find yourself, and your name will pop up. You then simply choose the class you will attend, and voila! It’s done.

If that seems like too many steps you can get a sign-in code on your phone that will pop up when you approach the gym. Simply flash that bar-cody looking thing in front of the ipad and voila, your name will pop up.

I promise. It won’t take long. 20 seconds at best.

Please let us know if you like the location of our second ipad, and if you have any trouble with the system. Our goal is to make the admin step seamless for you, so that you can get to the best part of your day: Working out!