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Even More Push Ups & Gymnastics

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We are still at it with the Push Ups. Yes, more push ups! It is now the end of the 4th week of our Push Up Program, and it is time to see where we havepush ups board more push ups gotten with our strength. So please warm up thoroughly, and give it all you have on those Good Form Push ups! Please mark your results on the board.

To keep you motivated, here are 10 Benefits of Pushups:

Increase Functional Strength via Full Body Activation, Muscle Stretching for Health and Vitality, Enhance Your Cardiovascular System, Increase Whole Body Muscle Definition – HGH Promotion, Protect Your Shoulders from Injury, Improve Your Posture, Prevent Lower Back Injuries, Save Time While Cultivating a Strong Body, No Cost for a Full Body Workout, Increase Testosterone and Reduce Osteoporosis Development. Click on the above link to get the in-depth reasoning behind all of these points.

We are balancing all the pushups work with pulling work as well. Remember, in functional movement we push, we pull, we bend at the waist, and we squat. Your shoulders are going to get some good work in today so be sure to mobilize well tonight.


Thursday’s WOD

Practice Handstands (holding, walking, push-ups, wall walks, etc)

Practice Strict Pull-ups


WOD: 4 Rounds

400 m Run
40 Sit-ups
20 Wall Balls (20/14)
10 Pull-ups


100 Push Up Program


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