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Monday Meal Prep – What Is Paleo?

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Mondays we talk about food. We often share a delicious or exciting recipe. Last Monday we talked about Intermittent Fasting. And this week we will delve into Paleo and what it means.

In short, eating Paleo is eating like a cave man This means fresh or dried foods instead of chemical laden and processed carbs that come from a package. The Paleolithic man ate meat he caught, roots and tubers he dug for, and wild berries he foraged. In this discussion it’s easy to get caught up in semantics, but please stick with me for this fun and simple video that describes Paleo In A Nutshell:

We know that a five minute video won’t answer all of your questions, so I’ll share a personal story: 13 years ago I was overweight from having a baby and I just could not seem to loose the last 20 pounds. A friend gave me a book on the Paleolithic Diet and we decided to give it a try. Toast was my primary food group so it was tricky to wrap my brain around. But we ate mountains of vegetables with animal protein thrown in. I never felt tired after meals, and the weight finally came off.

Once I got down to size 8 I added the toast and cookies and cake back to my diet. Five years later I could not get off the couch, and it turned out I had an auto-immune disorder called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. All auto-immune disorders are inflammation based. Strict Paleo reduces inflammation in the body. Once again I had my last ginger snap and embraced Paleo once again.

Now it’s a lifestyle I practice whole-heartedly. In the gym we have seen people drop 43 cholesterol points in 45 days. We have seen type 2 diabetes turned around and blood pressure drop. We’ve seen enormous weight loss and a resurgence of vitality. In short, we’ve seen miracles when people embrace the Paleo lifestyle.

I know it’s daunting to change what we eat. Our friends from Fit At Midlife have put together a guide with 6 Easy Steps To Paleo. Our hope is that the fun Paleo In A Nutshell video combined with this article will nudge you toward a healthier and more vital lifestyle today.